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The following Terms and Conditions aim to support an efficient and productive process thereby supporting an effective client experience. By choosing Jweb Creative as your designer of choice, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

These include all graphic design, website design and website development services offered by Jweb Creative. Jweb Creative will only carry out work that has been agreed by the client and confirmed in writing/email.

Jweb Creative will undertake work for clients who are the age of 18 or over.

Ideas and Concepts

If more than one idea is proofed to the client, only one of the ideas is deemed to be given by Jweb Creative as means of fulfilling the contract. All other ideas sent to the client but not chosen will remain property of Jweb Creative, unless agreed in writing.

Data Protection:

Client and Work Generation
If work has materialized following initial communication, we may keep your email up to 1 year after any work has been completed. Jweb Creative will not see or pass on your details to any third party with out your consent.

Job Work Folders
From the company’s beginning, Jweb Creative have created job folders in paper format to hold client data such as Name of Client / Company, Phone numbers, email address as a means of communication with the client throughout projects. From the beginning of May 25th 2018, all existing and past job folders for client work will be locked away securely using a key operated filling cabinet.

* Jweb Creative is committed to protecting your personal data and your privacy in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the information we collect or use about you, please contact our data protection officer using the following contact details:

FAO Data Protection Officer

51 The Grove,

Email: info@jwebcreative.co.uk

Design Process

All jobs undertaken with Jweb Creative follow a process, as follows:

  1. Brief
    A briefing meeting will take place where the client will explain their requirements. The client will be required to outline their preferences to colours like and dislikes; typeface styles; orientation of product; description of images/photos/logos to be included as well as a rough layout of the front and reverse of the design. It is important to provide as much detail as possible at this stage in order to support an efficient service and customer service. If the client decides to change the brief completely either during the design / proof process or once a design has been approved and ready to go the print. It will have to incur a charge.
  2. Quotation
    Once the brief has been agreed, a quote will be prepared for approval and sent to the client. If the client is happy with the quote, the client must provide Jweb Creative with a confirmation in writing / email that they are happy to go ahead with the job for the designer’s records.
  3. Initial Invoice
    All jobs undertaken with Jweb Creative require the client to pay a deposit in advance of the work being undertaken. This initial invoice should be paid with 30 days from receiving he initial quote. Work cannot commence without this initial payment being received.
  4. Design Phase
    Once the quote has been approved and initial payment has been received, the design phase of the project will begin. By this phase of the job, the client will have provided the designer with all the content, text and images ready for the client to begin the project. Once ideas have been generated, they will be sent to the client for approval.
  5. Content
    The more the client can supply us, the better! The client is responsible to provide the designer content for each job. Written content must be supplied in word document format either: .doc or .docx. What the client supplies to the designer is what will be included in the final job. Please check the content is correct upon supplying to the designer. Jweb Creative will not be held responsible for any incorrect spelling or errors in the text.
  6. Stock Imagery
    The client may wish to purchase an image from an image source such as iStock, Fotolia etc. If the client is using stock images, all proofs will be sent for feedback with downloadable comps until the job is approved. Once a job is approved with stock images, Jweb Creative will receive the correct quality images from the client. Jweb Creative cannot be held responsible for images held outside of it’s license agreement.
  7. Website Features – such as: image galleries; contact forms
    Specific features including image galleries, social media pages and contact forms can be used to enhance the website. If the client wishes to include any of these or other features, these will be additional charges on top of the initial website cost. (Contact us for more details)
  8. Unlimited Changes
    Unlimited changes allow for the designer to work closely with the client, in order to make sure the job is exactly what the client wants. Jweb Creative are not limited to a set number of proofs and changes, however if the changes are major such as complete brief changes, a charge will be incurred.
    *All proofs will either consist of a ‘PROOF’ watermark over the top of the design. This is for copyright purposes only. This will not appear on the final artwork.
  9. Design Approval & Completion
    After changes have been made to the job and all is satisfactory, the job will be signed off by the client to say that the job is ready for print or development production. The client must provide Jweb Creative with an approval confirmation in writing / email that the job is approved before the job goes to print. Once sent to production or development of the website has begun, any further changes cannot be made to the job.
  10. Collection
    Once the job has been printed, Jweb Creative will let the client know by phone or email that the artwork is printed and ready for collection. If required, Jweb Creative would be happy to deliver the work straight to your door however there will be a fee to cover for the designers time and travel costs.
  11. Final Invoice
    Once the job has been completed, an invoice will be sent to the client for the remainder of the payment for the job. This should be paid within 30 days. If payment hasn’t been received, Jweb Creative will send an email reminder but until payment is received, the work is still the property of Jweb Creative.
  12. Website Maintenance
    Jweb Creative are happy to provide ongoing maintenance services to the client’s website. These will consist of content updates and content management system updates.
    *Any issues in relation to the hosting of the website, are the responsibility of the hosting company and not Jweb Creative.